Here I guess you’re expecting me to say something about this blog. And don’t worry, I’ll tell you. I might even ramble a little.

Mainly this is going to be about books (going to be at this moment, since I’m just starting). You know, reviewing books and talking about books that I read. I’m also attempting some reading challenges, for example to read 50 books in a year (which I have not completed any year so far), so I will talk about those too. Mostly this will be about fiction books, with the occasional non-fiction getting a mention too.

My second aim when creating this blog was to post about my Keri Smith book adventures. A couple of years ago I started to do Wreck This Journal, and did quite a lot of it, but never quite finished. I’ll still try to finish that one too. Now, a while ago I couldn’t help myself and bought what is called Wreck This Box.  It’s a box that contains Wreck This Journal (yes the same one again), Mess and This is Not a Book. I’ll be telling you about my progress with those here.

So that’s what I’ll be blogging about. I’m not promising to stick to those things completely. Something else might sneak in occasionally. But mainly I will stick to those.

And at last, the blog name. Just because I want to say something about it and I guess it says something about me. Well, I didn’t want something like “My book blog”, though that would be simple and to the point. But the name should have something to do with books. Books have covers, and that works well with the “wrecking books” as well as the ones I’m reading. Wine red is my favourite colour (or one of them anyway). Somehow I don’t like to call it burgundy; that just sounds more towards brown and the word just doesn’t sound right for me. But wine red would probably lead to a little too many wine enthusiasts getting disappointed in my blog so I was looking for something else. And I found that claret is another word for the same colour and it sounds nice… and there’s alliteration. So there it is. Claret Covers.

So even if I don’t get as many wine enthusiasts here now (I like red wine too, and white as well if you’re here anyway and read this far), a google search shows that red book covers are not the most common thing that pops up. So I say hello to all of you who are planning to decorate your home with this lovely colour! I’d love some more of the colour in my home too. Still you will find no cushion covers or duvet covers here.

And I guess that’s more than enough for now. I hope you all have a good time visiting my blog!



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