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Some pages I’ve done in Wreck This Journal 1 a while ago already.

Above: I might have said before that I started to draw different kinds of symbols on the empty pages in the journal at some point. Here we have Leo to the left and you can see a bit of a compass rose. It’s further on in the journal, but must have been drawn after the right side page here so it has coloured off on the left side. The right side page is my Pottermore name in picture form. It’s the one I got at the beta stage, but I got another account later too.

Something about amusement parks around the world. Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest newspaper in Finland.

That doesn’t require that much explanation I suppose. There are different languages though.

Stain log. First row from left: tea, tea, strawberry, chocolate ice cream. Second row: red wine, blood, vispipuuroa, raspberry. This row might need some explanation. Blood I remember is from when I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out and blood was still occasionally sipping through when I was at home. Vispipuuro (fin) I don’t know what it’s in English, but it’s a sort of smooth whipped porridge made of semolina and berries, usually lingonberry but here black currants which isn’t unusual either.

Then to row three: nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss, nail polish and eyeshadow and eyeliner (eyeshadow’s come off a bit). Last line: Nutella, ink, red wine, camomile tea. Nutella seems to be falling off the page. The left page I think is mostly raspberry.

So yes I did doodle all over the page. This is right after the stain log, so that’s why the left page looks a bit stained. And by the way, here I think you can notice how the nail polish on my fingers is two different colours. I had the more orange on all of them, but then it started to peel off from the pointer fingers most, so I tried out my new colour on them.