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I’m not sure where I suddenly got this idea and if it was the bookmarks first or the Ex-Libris. It however just started happening in the end and soon I noticed I had lots of these things. Maybe it was that I bought a calligraphy pen at a clearance sale or maybe I saw an ex-libris somewhere and thought that I want to make my own. I don’t know. I was caught up in it and although it’s less than a week from when I started, I forget.

Anyway, what I started to do is bookmarks and Ex-Libris. Some of these aren’t quite finished yet, but all of these are mainly finished with the writing and drawing parts apart from some colouring I want to do on some. Here’s first my Ex-Libris. I’ve done three different pictures. I coloured some of the pictures, but I think I want to leave most of them black and white. These are before adding my last name to them. These are made with the calligraphy marker, but like the bookmarks, I did some of these too using black ink with a dip pen.

Ex-Libris. Now I just need to put them in books. Sorry the picture isn’t that sharp.

I do like the calligraphy pen, because it’s pretty easy to make text look a bit more stylish. Not that I’m that good at using it yet in the best way. But in the end I like the ink ones better I think. It takes a little more effort, but somehow I think that shows too.

Moving on to bookmarks. Like I said, some of them are made using ink and dip pen and some using the calligraphy marker. All the paper, except the backs of the bookmarks (obviously) is the same watercolour paper, but some of them I coloured more yellowish using tea. That idea I got from this blog: http://fracturedarts.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/staining-paper/ As I didn’t need that big sheets of paper in the end, I cut them down to A5 size first and then it was pretty easy to let them soak in the tea for a while. (So the bookmarks are as high as the shorter side of an A5, meaning I get four bookmarks from an A5).

For the backs of the bookmarks I used some different papers. A couple of craft papers, but mostly gift wrapping paper, which is the light brown with writing on it, and the one with different coloured squares with patterns is also a gift wrapping paper. I actually bought the brown paper with the writing for this, and as I was looking around the art supplies section I came across some watercolours and couldn’t help myself, but bought the claret colour (pointing to name of blog) and some lovely coloured papers for card making/drawing (pretty good quality, should be nice for soft pastels or colour pencils as well). Yes I have a slight weakness for art supplies even at times when I’m not that actively doing art stuff and don’t really need them.

Still about the backs of the bookmarks. The dotted paper and the one with a pattern of the same colour to the right of it would be pretty nice for this too, but I bought that paper for another project quite some time ago so I don’t know if I can buy more of it and I’m not sure of how much extra I have if I still continue with that project. That project was making a set of tarot cards. Not that I really do much anything with tarot cards, but sometimes I like that sort of things and then I forget about them for a while again.

The quotes on them are mostly from literature or writers, but there are some with lyrics too. My current trip hop listening is showing (Massive Attack, Portishead). If you’re curious about one of the quotes and can’t quite read it, just ask.

I’m not quite happy with all of them so I might redo some of the quotes. Like the Northanger Abbey ones look quite sloppy and I want to do them in ink. The Matched quote was the first one I did, though not that version of it. I kept mis-quoting and the first version is on the other side, and I made the same mistake on this side and the decorations became geographical shapes to hide that. Yeah, I’m currently reading Matched, so that’s why that one.

I think I should read something of Oscar Wilde’s. His quotes always pop up and I really love a lot of them.

Now I just need to come up with what to do with all these bookmarks. I’m a bit of a bookmark collector, simply because nice bookmarks are always great to have, but also because they are really good, small souvenirs.  But I really don’t need that many at one time and using many of these takes away from using my old ones. I thought they’d be nice small gifts to add to something, but now I’ve mainly chosen quotes that I like and not specifically directed to someone I know, so I’ll have to see if any really fit or then I’ll have to do new, sort of personalised ones if I want to give them away.

PS. I’m not sure what the plural for ex-libris is. Is it just ex-libris or ex-librises or something else…