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I started telling about this page in Mess This Post. I add something to the page every day for a month and record the progress. I only posted pictures of the first three days then and a lot has happened to it since. It’s not turning out to be the biggest work of art ever, but it’s a lot of fun and I’ve sort of started going through a lot of my art supplies, which is nice because some of them haven’t been used for a long time. I forgot a couple of days, so I did two things on the next day. Let’s start with the pictures.

Day 4: Added more colour to “whimsical” using watercolour pencils.

Day 5: Some stuff with “oil pastels” as the box says. I say crayons. Some stuff is hidden and will be shown later. ;)

Day 6: Pieces of newspaper.

Day 7: Watercolours. I noticed two of the pieces of newspaper looked like a bird, so I made it a bird. Above that some green to show the white crayon leaves and showing the flower on the right better too. Also some leaves painted on right.

Day 8: Some plain pencil drawings. I like drawing eyes and noses. The thing at the top of left page was supposed to be a cloud.

Day 9 – This is where I forgot and I think I did this on day 10 actually. I just basically erased some from the previous day and added a little to the “cloud” part I think (making it uglier).

Day 10: Watercolours. Haha, this is when it gets messier. The “snowflakes” by the yellow are from crayon day. The blue was going to be some sort of waves. There’s more, especially of the green, on the right too.

Day 11 & 12: I only remembered late on day 12, so I did something quickly. The sticker for day 11 and nail polish spots around “whimsical” for day 12. The sticker looks slightly out of place, but so do a lot of other things too.

Day 13: Soft pastels again. Some of my favourite art supplies definitely. The newspaper bird got a friend as well as more greenery on the right side.

And day 13 was today, so that’s that so far. There’s a lot of days, but little space, so I can see things covering other stuff more in the future. I’ll update on the progress of this later again.

Relating to other blog stuff, mainly my reading, and reading challenges: I bought another book a couple of days ago. “Matched” by Ally Condie. In other words I’m not doing that well on the project of reducing the number of books I have unread on my shelves.