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Back to Wreck this journal 1. This is a page I just finished. In a way it’s a bit of a mess but somehow I like it too. I started pretty long ago, then added something later, then continued again much later and never had much of a plan, so this is how it ended up. I’m going to ramble on about details again, so just focus on the picture if the rambling annoys you… ;)

I started with the text in the yellow and orange cloud as I thought that was a nice thought, and then wrote courage and added the Leo zodiac sign symbol sometime later and the sun on the other page was added sometime then too. Yes, that was a simple sun at first; a circle with lines around it for rays. “Protection” and the two other longer texts were added a couple of days ago with the colouring inside the circle and clouds and the rest yesterday when I finished this. So it sort of just grew into this.

The texts: The two big texts on the left page are “courage” in Finnish and Swedish. The first text is from a wine glass I have. There is this series of glasses with small poems/thoughts by the Finnish poet Tommy Tabermann and I have some of those. This is on one:

Epäröinnin kynnyksellä/ kysy/ kuinka paljon rakkautta/ uskallat tänään/ jättää käyttämättä

It means something like: “On the brink of hesitation, ask, how much courage, you dare to leave unused today.”

The second on the same page is from the Massive Attack song “Protection”. I thought that quote fit in nicely as well. In case you can’t read it from the picture, it says: “I stand in front of you/ I’ll take the force of the blow/ Protection”

And on the other page, there is: “Minä suojelen sinua kaikelta, mitä ikinä keksitkään pelätä, ei ole sellaista pimeää, jota minun hento käteni ei torjuisi” That’s from a song by the Finnish band Ultra Bra. It could be translated something like: “I protect you from everything, whatever you think up to be afraid of, there is no such darkness, that my delicate hand would not deflect”. I’m no translator, especially of poetry, so sorry if they sound a bit strange.

By the way, I must have used another marker when I wrote “courage” than to the later big words, because it went a bit messy with the watercolours. It was better before. ;) And that paper quality is slightly annoying with water colours.