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First this post was titled “Wreck This Journal 1 WTJ 2 and WTF?!” Then I decided to add some pictures from Mess too so I replaced WTF with Mess in the title. We’ll get to the WTF part soon too. Firstly, to clarify, I have two Wreck This Journals; an older one I have done quite a lot in and a new one which I have done nothing in. I’ve still got a bunch of pages I haven’t done in the first one so I’ll be completing it first before at least doing much in the second one, which came in the boxed set. However so I don’t have to explain myself too much each time I post about them I’m going to call them WTJ1 and WTJ2, WTJ1 obviously being the older one. Here they are:

WTJ1 to the left and WTJ2 to the right, just so we’re clear. :P You see, the boxed one is a little smaller, partly really smaller from the start and partly thinner because there is a lot of stuff between the other one.

And now we come to the WTF part. Like I said, one is smaller than the other, but then again I saw somewhere when googling that at least some Wreck This Box would contain an expanded edition of WTJ, so I was curious if they are the same inside. They were actually… almost. They had the same number of pages, but just one page had changed…

WTF!?! “Burn this page” is replaced with “stand here”! I mean, of all the pages you could choose, “Burn this page” is no longer there. I liked that page. I did it outdoors by the way. I think I’m going to burn one of my less favourite pages in WTJ2. Not the new page, because that looks quite fun actually (though I have big feet and if I leave some footprints you really notice it and… well it doesn’t matter really). So maybe there were too many accidents with this page and that’s why it’s removed.

About what you see on the page: The part that’s missing was obviously burnt, but the circle is from the next page which is about spilling coffee on it, and that’s where I put a coffee cup. But the markings inside the circle are where I tried to burn the page as well. The other page is the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter. At one point I drew all kinds of symbols on different empty pages in the book.

Next is another page from WTJ1.

I haven’t actually given away a page yet. I’m not even sure which is my favourite page. But I added some other stuff here. I think this started at work. Somehow, with some coworkers we end up every now and then (like every summer) talking about astrology and looking up other cultures’ horoscopes too. So I started to collect those on these pages. On the left it’s mostly my signs and on the right are different elements and symbols and other things that relate to those. So the main one: I’m a Leo. I also did some Myers-Briggs tests online at some point and tried to find out what personality type I’m there. I’m not sure. I tend to get very borderline results on them and different ones in different tests. I’ve hardly ever got E though and I’m pretty sure I’m I, and I also think I’m F. There are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to. My guess is ISFP if I remember correctly.

If you wonder if I’m really into that kind of stuff – yes and no. I think those things are really fun to look up every now and then and then I forget about it for a while.

And by the way I always wondered where Rowling got those tree horoscopes, where she said she got the main character’s wand woods from, because it seemed wherever I looked I was a Cypress and that Harry should be too (our birthdays being pretty close). But then I found that there was a druid and a celtic (Holly) horoscope. And yes, if you didn’t know me from elsewhere, you get to know now that I’m a Harry Potter fan.

Back to the books. Introducing Mess.

I would have made an own post to introduce Mess otherwise, but I started on this thing where you are supposed to add something to the page each day for a month, starting with a simple drawing or a word. And then record the progress with photos.  So there will be lots of photos. Here are the first three days.

Just the word Fancy with a marker.

A little colour with dry pastels.

Added both gift wrapping ribbon and the word “whimsical” (in watercolour pencil) on day three.

I quite love this assignment. I don’t know what’s coming out of this. I don’t even know what I’m going to add tomorrow. It’s exciting to see what it will be like in a month!