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I started This is Not a Book. Here are some pictures from what I did first.

I might have said that I thought the thing I’d started from Wreck This Box was in Mess, but it was in This is not a book. I started a page last month and then finished now. I have to say that This is not a book is a bit more intimidating to me than the others. There seems to be more things to do that involve other people and I feel like the book tries to pry into my private life, asking questions and stuff. :P But, you know, I’ll do what I feel like, when I feel like it. The books (or not books) all say anyway that it’s all up to me and that I can break the rules, so I’ll do that when I feel like it. Anyway, I do feel more comfortable with Mess (I should too if looking at my flat is any indication) and with Wreck This Journal.

But back to the assignment(s) I did. This is where I started:

On the left side page, there were the blue/turquoise lines, but I added the little doodles. So this is where I ended up:

I thought this was a fun one. I actually did part of it in December and then continued it some days ago. Some explanations:

-seed pod: does apple count? Well there are seeds anyway.
-something red: the nail polish you can see just below the glued on things on the left side page
-the old plant that was alive: It felt like the leaves would just crumble if I tried to glue something of it on here
-map: It’s a weather map from a newspaper. Showing much nicer temperatures than now because it’s from an old one from July. And no, I don’t save the weather pages for that long. A plant was wrapped up in it from the flower shop recently.
-thread: It’s the thin line at the top of the right side page, but that’s so little, that I felt like putting the piece of yarn there too.
-ticket stub. I wanted the ticket stub from watching The Hobbit, which I was sure was in my handbag still or in some other pocket but couldn’t find it. A bus ticket instead.

I think everything else should be pretty much possible to figure out, at least if you can read my writing. I also found a second map (in an old calendar) and a concert ticket from last March. There was empty space on the title page.

That was a scavenger hunt, but this is an oversight:

I’ve done nothing to the pages yet, but these are pages 30-31. The Scavenger hunt is page 33, and yes that means that the page I glued all the things on is page 32, which is right on the other side of the page that says “cut out”.